A Birthday and an Oncologist

I spent my 41st birthday in an oncologists waiting room. Sitting on lumpy chairs under fluorescent lights, cringing at the puke-green walls in the basement of the hospital. My husband Dean beside me, keeping his fears tightly wrapped inside. Waiting. Ironically, that day was when I came up with the name of this blog: The... Continue Reading →

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The Day I Hit Rock Bottom

I don’ t know why this story came to my mind today: The Day I Hit Rock Bottom. Actually - no, that’s a lie. Earlier today, I was talking to a man in my practice - a busy, successful, and driven entrepreneur, a dedicated father and husband - and a man who is pushing so... Continue Reading →

Freaking Supernova… Me?

Today I am 42.  (Apparently, I like to write on my birthday). I just read my thoughts from my 40th and 41st birthdays - one of celebrating our recent move to Nova Scotia, and the other describing our all-too-close encounter with oncology. Today, there is less brewing. I am contentedly sipping my coffee, with the... Continue Reading →

Pivotal Moments

Have you ever been in the midst of a moment - an ordinary-day type of moment - and had the sense that it was more? The deep knowing that something is shifting. A course-correction is being made somewhere in the fabrics of time that will amplify over time to lead you down a new path?... Continue Reading →

Spreading Wings at Big Cove Camp

I’m sitting in my backyard - a beautiful, sunny, summer day. I am silly-excited for Ethan to get home. I am so beside myself waiting that I am actually amused at myself. I can’t wait to hear about his week away at camp. YMCA Big Cove. A seaside old school camp - with rustic cabins,... Continue Reading →

The Elementary School Milestone

I cried every day for a week leading up to Audra’s third birthday. I couldn’t help but think of all the things that she had already moved on from. All of the firsts that had now become lasts. So when a friend posted that this would be hard week for us mamas, whose kids are... Continue Reading →

That’s a Lofty Name

“That’s a lofty name”, was my mom’s first comment when I told her I was starting a new blog. I laughed, not surprised. “That’s the point”, I replied, “An inspired life isn’t always inspired.” As a matter of fact, the name of this blog came to me after spending the afternoon in an oncologists office ... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Strikes

Anxiety - my stomach in turmoil, like little animals were crawling around in there, my chest tight, and breathing a challenge. Anxiety - my head feeling like it was going to explode, tension like a vice-grip at the base of my head and in my jaw. And yet, in the midst of these ugly sensations,... Continue Reading →

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