That’s a Lofty Name

“That’s a lofty name”, was my mom’s first comment when I told her I was starting a new blog. I laughed, not surprised. “That’s the point”, I replied, “An inspired life isn’t always inspired.”

As a matter of fact, the name of this blog came to me after spending the afternoon in an oncologists office  It wasn’t the best day – obviously. But somehow, out of that day’s experience, I felt a familiar calling – a Voice inside – that left me feeling connected, grateful and whole rather than drained.

The point is about having an inner compass; it doesn’t necessarily mean you are always in a state of inspiration. It also doesn’t mean that you never lose your way. The truth is, I don’t think it’s possible to always be inspired. That’s just not real life. But to be able to tap in to that deeper, wiser part of yourself – even in the hard times, and even if it takes effort to do so – YES. The journey is just that – travelling the path of life, experiencing challenges and revelling in life’s beauty. It’s about finding out who you are, and how you want to show up in the difficult times. Not just the pretty moments.

So no, I am often not inspired. I am often just going through my normal, busy days. But perhaps not quite like everyone else. I don’t ‘just get through’ – as a matter of fact, I consider that feeling to be a red flag. (by that I mean those days that you want to disconnect, power through and ‘just get it over with’.) And yes, I’ve had days like that, but I use them as a warning sign that I am out of alignment with my own highest values, or falling into a state of fear rather than trust. I use those times to help recalibrate my compass and get back on track.

My life is busy and full, sometimes overwhelmingly so. But I like my busy, full life – I consciously choose what I put on my plate, or in those many times that life shows up with some unexpected challenge, I choose how I will react. I do not let circumstances define me, destroy me, or buoy me. And yes, this too takes effort.

I have built into my daily routine habits that help keep me centred; I have invested time learning and reflecting, looking into my own inner world to uncover my beliefs, as well as my highest values, and assessing how aligned they are with the life I’d like to have. So while I certainly don’t live a life of constant inspiration – I do know who I am and what I want – and have a plan in place for how to best create it. Some days I hit the target, and others I may fall short.

But I keep aiming, in an endless pursuit of living life full out. And yes, I have crashed and burned – many times. I have faced my own fears and doubts – at times so huge that they seem insurmountable. I have felt like a failure, and a fraud, and questioned myself to the very core of my being. But I have also had incredible, heart-opening love and gratitude, been in the flow of life, witnessed beauty, abundance, miracles and simple human kindness and strength. I have felt deeply attuned to the wisdom of life and strive to find that state as often as possible.

I choose every day to find the beauty, learning or gratitude in every situation. I let myself truly feel emotions – good and bad – and then focus my energy on reaching for the highest and most resourceful state that I can access in any given moment.

So my inspired life is one of striving, learning, and experiencing. Good and bad, pleasure and pain. It is perfect in its imperfection. Because at the core of it all, it is deeply real, fully lived and my tool for learning as I journey through this thing called life.

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