Dr. Amy Robinson

Welcome to my mind – my thoughts, my dreams, my fears and my observations.  It’s not always inspired.  It’s not even always positive.  But it is always in the upward pursuit of living my life fully, being myself in all of my many roles – mom, wife, chiropractor, writer, coach, daughter, sister, friend.

I don’t have life all figured out – I’m learning along the way, just like everyone else.  Sometimes by hard knocks from life – and sometimes – and my goal is increasingly so: from moments of pure joy, beauty and gratitude.

I consider my mind, mental focus and emotional state to be an integral part of my full-time job as a heart-centered, consciously-creating human being.  In my 4 decades of life (so far) I have learned to be easier on myself, to accept imperfection, to try patience (which doesn’t come easily to me) and to ultimately be real, be me – and trust that this life I am living is a great one.

Real Life. Ups and Downs.  Tears of every emotion.  Deep meaningful connection.  Purposeful actions.  Clarity. Vision. Vulnerability.  Courage.

And the occasional moment of Beautiful Inspiration.


Dr. Amy Robinson is a chiropractor, and owner of The Lifehouse in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia.  With 14 years of practice experience, working closely with people of all ages (especially families, pregnant women, babies and kids), she has a passion for understanding human potential, brain function and neurology, psychology and what makes people tick.

Her inquisitive mind has lead her down many paths – but all of them ultimately lead to one conclusion:  Human beings are inherently amazing, unique and full of possibilities.  

“I believe that we can create a world that is abundantly healthy, happy, connected and whole; where people are deeply connected to the power they have within; where we work together in collaboration to bring the best and brightest of who we are to the world; and collectively make a better place for future generations yet to come.

I believe that individually we can make ripples – but that collectively we create a tidal wave – one that will make lasting change, and leave this world a much better place by our passing through it.”

Much love & appreciation for reading my writing, 

Dr. Amy

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